The Dessertist comes to Croton

It’s one thing to enjoy desserts. It’s another to step into a baker’s world.

At The Dessertist, one of Croton-on-Hudson’s newest storefronts, customers are invited into the wonderland of owner Samantha Eichenberg — while enjoying her desserts, of course.

WAG first introduced readers to Eichenberg last July. That’s when we learned about where it all started — with a cake in the shape of a cat. Now the Croton resident has opened her first brick-and-mortar store, featuring daily treats, baking classes and an event space.

“I mean, it’s me. I’ve always been known to wear the stilettos in the kitchen,” Eichenberg says jokingly as she kicks up her turquoise heels before giving WAG a tour of the shop. We couldn’t help but notice she was wearing the same necklace from our first meeting, featuring a fork-and-knife tie clip that had once belonged to her grandfather and that she took as a sign from him to pursue her culinary dreams.

Those dreams have taken her to a shop with an open floor plan in two sections. Up front, customers can buy desserts, decorate their own and book events while in the back kitchen, Eichenberg makes the magic happen.

And all of it’s decorated in The Dessertist’s signature black, white and turquoise color scheme.

“The kitchen area is whimsical and colorful,” she says. “It’s kind of the window into my world.”

Eichenberg’s tour included an introduction to “Gwen,” a unicorn wall ornament with a turquoise horn. She even showed us the bathroom, which showcases interesting artwork of sugar skulls (a popular Day of the Dead treat)-turned-baking-divas and a floor-to-ceiling mural of baking goods, hand-painted by Eichenberg and her 5-year-old daughter, Charley.

“This is my home now. These are my roots. I am ingrained in these walls.”

The Dessertist’s offerings change daily. The irresistible cake balls, cookies and cupcakes on display at 10 a.m. are not the same flavors sold hours later. In addition to retail, The Dessertist offers private event bookings, including birthday parties, baby and bridal showers, girls’ nights out and corporate meetings. The shop will soon offer monthly family-friendly baking classes, adult classes — for the boozy desserts — and dessert date nights.

Eichenberg is also starting the Design Bar, an interactive play opportunity for children. Parents or guardians can buy a package of four cupcakes, along with a few choices of frosting and sprinkles and decorate the goodies with the kids.

But Eichenberg is especially thrilled about bringing all of these opportunities to her hometown.

“When this space was available, I really never thought it could be a possibility,” she says. “But I stepped in here for the first time and just knew it was where I wanted to be.

The Dessertist is at 50 Maple St. For more, call 914-862-4016 or visit

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