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A five-second video was all it took to steal Dawn Longworth’s heart away.

A five-second video was all it took to steal Dawn Longworth’s heart away.

Mesmerized by the beautiful mare, something inside her knew she “had to have this horse.”

Dawn Longworth with Ellie, one of her first horses. Photograph courtesy Dawn Longworth.

“It would be a very long haul from Bowie, Texas,” Dawn questioned if she had it in her to save this majestic animal. “A rescue horse can come with a lot of challenges, a huge investment of time and resources and undeniably no guarantees.” With gentle encouragement from her partner, Tom Murphy, Dawn took a deep breath and a leap of faith and decided to relocate the horse to New York. 

It was love at first sight for Dawn the day Teah arrived at the barn that would become her new home. Although initially leery of human contact, the mare began forging a bond with her new owner as the days passed. Dawn discovered that just like with humans, you have to give things a chance, a quiet, sacred space for trust and love to grow.

Dawn found that the more she gave of herself, the more Teah responded in kind. A special lesson learned: “If you’re feeling upset or stressed, the horse picks up on it. I discovered I had to be responsible for the energy I brought into the barn. That applies to other areas of life for sure.”

With clarity of purpose, patience and a healthy sense of humor, the two bonded beautifully. In time Teah revealed herself to have a gentle disposition, with a sweet loving heart. 

Dawn’s equine dream has since come true times two. Teah now lives out her days at the bucolic Crotta Farm in East Fishkill with a new pal, a second rescue horse named Kaylee whom Dawn adopted in May 2015.

Taking care of the needs of the two equines has become a family affair. Twice a day, Dawn (aided by Tom and teenage daughter Leanne) arrives to tend to the daily needs of their dynamic duo. “It’s very hard work but so rewarding.” Their sense of joy is palpable as they approach the barn where the horses stay.

“Teah and Kaylee are so sweet,” Leanne gushes. “They can sense if you’re happy or sad. They always listen and always know just how to make you feel better. I love our horses so much. The best part of our day is being with them.”

Dawn, Tom and Leanne have learned that “home is where the horse is.”  In those tender moments at the barn each day, the troubles of the modern world melt away.

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