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Urgent care medical centers have been popping up in many communities over the last year or two. Dr. Scott Loeser, and his wife, Bonnie, saw that trend and thought, “What about dental emergencies?”  So they created the area’s first Urgent Care Dental office in Greenburgh last year.  The concept was such a success that, only a year later, they opened a second location in Riverdale.

Scott Loeser has been practicing dentistry for more than a decade and has been at his current location in Thornwood for more than 13 years. But he realized that emergencies never happen when it’s convenient, and that’s why Urgent Care Dental is available when most dental offices are closed — seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Urgent Care Dental specializes in treating dental emergencies and pain exclusively. It’s staffed by board certified dentists and a professional team equipped to provide a range of care. The office does not, howeer, provide ongoing comprehensive dental treatment but rather works in conjunction with local general dentists and specialists to ensure that patients get the ongoing care they need.

Urgent Care Dental does address tooth pain and toothaches; abscessed teeth; broken/knocked out teeth; tooth extractions; oral and tooth infections; injuries to the mouth and lips, including lacerations and abrasions; problems with dental implants; problems following dental work; and loss of a filling or crown.

Besides convenient walk-in, after-hours services, the Loesers say advantages include:

A reliable alternative to a hospital visit — Emergency rooms in hospitals are dedicated to serious, life-threatening injuries.  The wait time for a “simple” medical treatment in a hospital can take hours.  Urgent Dental Care provides a much better alternative to a hospital emergency room, which is generally not equipped to handle dental emergencies.

A safe, stress-free environment — Dental emergencies are stressful as it is.  The spa-like environment of Urgent Care Dental helps to relax the patient, while the dentist alleviates his or her physical pain. The rate of an Urgent Care Dental visit is significantly lower than the price of a standard emergency room visit, further putting a patient’s mind at ease. Urgent Care Dental also accepts all major dental PPO insurances.

From Urgent Care Dental’s inception, Scott and Bonnie have been working  to help fill a void in the health-care industry.  They have collaborated on every aspect of the business from choosing the name and logo, finding locations and developing a business plan, all the way to picking out the chairs for the waiting room.

“We really work as a team, complementing each other’s skills and expertise in the different facets of this endeavor,” Scott says.

As Westchester residents, the obvious place to begin was close to their home in Scarsdale.  As that first office became successful, they wanted to expand into yet another familiar area, Riverdale, where Scott was born and where they lived when first married. This has truly been a family endeavor.

“Our three children have also been a part of this exciting time in our lives.  Helping to explain different nuances of Instagram to us and handing out toothbrushes at our grand openings, they are as vested in this as we are,” Bonnie says.

The Loeser family hopes for continued success with its Urgent Care Dental practices and expansion for the future.

Scott and Bonnie Loeser are the owners of Urgent Care Dental in both Greenburgh (1088 Central Park Ave.) and Riverdale (3509 Johnson Ave.). For more, visit

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