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From left, Laura Ho‚ man, Phil Risi (holding a platter of Tuscan chicken), Lisa White, Jackie Ruby and Valentino, Katy Monteleone and Barbara Plunkett. Photograph courtesy Jackie Ruby.

Recipe and photograph by Jackie Ruby


Hi, my saucy readers: 

On my travels to Tuscany, I had numerous chicken dishes, which inspired this recipe — Tuscan chicken stuffed with sage, garlic and lemon. It’s so delicious and relatively easy to make.

You can serve it with mushrooms, rice, roasted potatoes or sautéed spinach. I would recommend accompanying it with a good Sauvignon Blanc or dry Pinot Grigio.

 Any questions, please contact me at jacquelineruby@hotmail.com.

Yours in sauciness,


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  6 chicken breasts or thighs

  2 lemons, one cut in half and then in quarters

  4 cloves of garlic, cut into quarters

  6 to 8 sage leaves

  1 cup of flour

  2 tablespoons chopped parsley

  1 cup chicken broth

  ½ cup dry white wine

  1 tablespoon chopped mint

  2 teaspoons oregano

  Salt and pepper

  3 tablespoons olive oil



  Lift up the skin and make two 1-inch slits in the chicken (about 3 inches apart).

  Stuff one-half piece of sage leaf and a piece of lemon into one slit.

  Stuff a piece of garlic into the other slit.

  Season chicken with salt and pepper.

  In a shallow dish, mix the flour, the zest of one lemon and the oregano.

  Coat chicken pieces on both sides in the mixture, shaking off any loose flakes.

  Heat about 3 tablespoons of olive oil in a frying pan.

  Sauté chicken on both sides (brown evenly) and set aside.

  Add the wine to frying pan and loosen up all the brown bits. Reduce wine for about 3 minutes.

  Add chicken broth and the juice of one lemon and cook for an additional 4 minutes.

  Preheat convection oven at 350 degrees.

  Arrange chicken in a roasting pan and cook for 30 to 35 minutes.

  When chicken is done, turn oven to broil and broil the chicken for 1 minute.

  Let chicken rest 10 minutes after taking it out of the oven.

  Add chopped parsley and mint to sauce drippings and then pour the sauce from the pan over the chicken. You can zest nutmeg and a half teaspoon of ground fennel seeds as well and add it to the sauce.

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