WAGwit wonders: What gets you hot?

“A great negotiation really gets me going. Knowing that I have put together a buyer and seller so that it really works for both of them. The home-buyer is thrilled beyond compare and the home- seller can move on with his life.”

Roberta Anderson, Realtor, William Pitt/Sotheby’s in Danbury, New Fairfield Resident


“Food, good food. Spicy Latin food gets me hot. I like to cook as well.”

Maria Belsito, Fundraiser, Wartburg Adult Care Community in Mount Vernon, Bronxville resident


“Romance novels. They offer the fantasy of being in someone else’s world for a while.”

Rose Cappa, Event planner, Pleasantville resident


“I love when it starts to get hot outside. My favorite seasons are spring and summer.  The warmer weather means I can get outside and train for a great passion of mine, other than dentistry – triathlons. When the temperature goes up, I can often be seen out on the roads or trails running or riding my bike super-fast, working up a sweat to keep fit.”


Dr. Benjamin Dancygier, Founder, Valley Pediatric Dentistry in Yorktown, Carmel resident


“I would say adventure and excitement, anything spontaneous that lets you get up and go.”

Doreen E. Duffy, Associate director, Alumni Relations, Office of Institutional Advancement, Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry, Bronx resident


“The rising stock market. Dow 15,000 gets me hot.”

Ann Fabrizio, Deputy director, ArtsWestchester in White Plains, Harrison resident


“Someone who has a nice sense of humor, whom you can be yourself with. That turns me on.”

– Ken Festa, Sales associate, The Man’s Store, Neiman Marcus in White Plains, Yorktown Heights resident


“The Florida sun. I just came from Florida, where I saw my twin grandchildren.”

Rhona Kochman, Life coach, White Plains resident


“What gets me hot is the thought of shapewear in the summer. Time to start thinking beyond the Spanx, shed those layers and feel good in the skin we’re in….no need to feel like a sausage in casing just to look slim. Look for lightweight knits with some structure that’ll offer smoothing and shaping without the added fabric.”

Jené Luciani, Style expert, journalist, and TV personality, White Plains resident


“….When I have the opportunity to work with new clients, I try to learn as much about them as possible. My mind starts to kick into overdrive of the many possibilities of a design direction I can think of.  Using my imagination, I can visually see new concepts appearing in my head. I get a vision and when it clicks, the client can see the excitement of my face.  Then when the designs that were merely a vision in my mind finally become a reality, that gets me hot.  I enjoy the sense of accomplishment knowing that we hit a home run and made the clients look their very best.”

Mario Mirabella, Founder of MSMDesignZ in Tarrytown, White Plains Resident

“Probably a chauffeured Maserati filled with chilled Perrier water.”

– Barbara Z. Monohon, Chair and CEO, Westchester County Taxi and Limousine Commission in White Plains, White Plains resident

“What gets me hot is incandescent light bulbs and why businesses and building owners are still using a 120-year-old technology that wastes 95 percent of its energy giving off heat. LED lights (light emitting diodes) give off very little heat, consume 50 percent less electricity than fluorescent (lights) and 80 percent less electricity than incandescent light bulbs and last for eight to 10 years based upon 12 hours of operation per day….They are also eco-friendly (no mercury).  By utilizing less energy, LEDs lower our carbon footprint and help the environment….”

—Alan R. Steen, USA LED Lighting Solutions in Southbury, Stamford resident


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