WAGwit wonders: What has been your favorite journey?


“I moved to Hawaii and lived there for eight years. It’s where I grew into who I am, and I’m happy about it.” – Rita Blais, manager, Alexis Bittar’s SoHo and Bleecker Street stores, Manhattan resident

“After college, I didn’t have a job, and my mother and I took a trip to Nebraska for my grandmother’s 100th birthday. For the entire trip it was just she and I. It’s been a wonderful memory for me ever since.” – Katie Cole, marketing team leader, Whole Foods in White Plains, Norwalk resident

“Because I lost my mother when I was 24, I look back on my time with her. I remember when we would go kite flying in Riverside Park. Those were magical days.” – Sabrina Collins, account executive, Cablevision, Bedford Hills resident

“Being a mother. Both my children are grown now. To me, they are absolutely gorgeous and my greatest accomplishment.” – Ruth Fitzpatrick, homemaker, Greenwich resident

“I would have to say backpacking through Nepal for two reasons. One, it is the most spectacular landscape. And two, I didn’t think I could do it.” – Paula Heap Foley, executive assistant, Ippolita, Manhattan resident

“Maybe because it’s a fresh moment in my mind, but painting alongside (Beijing artist) Qin Feng. As we painted in ink, it was as if we were contouring a landscape. For me, that was a beautiful journey. And also the journey between Boston and New York.” – Michelle Fornabai, artist, New York and Boston resident

“My favorite journey has been realizing I am the master of my own destiny, putting God, family and friends first though, and realizing that life is beautiful.” – Monique Haygood, sales development manager, The Journal News Media Group, Greenburgh resident

“One journey for me was that I used to be very shy. …But I went to Europe when I was 24. Asking people for directions increased my ability to communicate with others. When I came back to this country, I got a job as a hostess, which allowed me to talk with others as well.” – Michal Huizinga, creative director, Inspiria Media, New Milford resident

“I would have to say the journey to come work at this job. It was a really wonderful experience meeting Alexis Bittar, hearing him speak about the brand. I feel fortunate to be part of the brand and have this memorable location.” – Jaclyn Schneider, manager, Alexis Bittar’s Greenwich store, Harrison resident

“My favorite journey is the one I take with my children, learning about myself through their eyes.” – Nick Simard, vice president, Inspiria Media, Redding resident

“I’m on a journey to my wedding July 11 at West Point. I’m excited about this, counting down the days.” – Lauren Stewart, digital specialist, The Journal News Media Group, Tappan resident

“I think being a mother, especially because I had two boys and grew up with a sister. It’s a whole different thing in terms of their responses. Now they’re both grown. One is 25 and married and the other is 22, just graduated and pursuing his dream of being a screenwriter in Los Angeles.” – Shari Ulman, in nonprofit work, Norwalk resident

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