WAGwit wonders: What’s the one ‘treat’ you can’t live without?

“Dark chocolate. It’s bittersweet.” – Olivia Calcagnini, sales manager, Delamar hotels, Sleepy Hollow resident

“A vacation. That’s a good treat. I love to travel. … Any place is a good place.” – Dee Cohen,  real estate agent, Weston resident

“Coffee and an orange for breakfast. It’s my favorite.” – Maureen Curry, Realtor, Old Greenwich resident

“I love a good Twizzler. I could probably live without it, but I wouldn’t be happy. And I also love my weekly manicure.” – Sabria Farhat, director of marketing and events, Greenwich Polo Club, Greenwich resident

“Music. … Wherever I am, I love to be surrounded by music.” – Liz Garger, chief institutional advancement officer, Music Conservatory of Westchester, Ossining resident

“I can’t live without ice cream.” – Olga Gordon, retired, Greenwich resident

“I think the one food I could not do without is cheese. I love the way it tastes.” – Cristina Kelleher, director of sales, Delamar hotels, Brooklyn resident

“Raw almonds. I can’t get enough of them. I’m trying to beat my sugar addiction. It’s a great chewy substitute.” – Lory Kelsey, founder, Greenwich Matchmaker, Greenwich resident

“Dark chocolate. It just tastes so good, and it’s good for you. And I just adopted two cats. I couldn’t live without them.” – Helene Kniffen, retired, Greenwich resident

“I couldn’t live without my dogs. They’re great, they’re beautiful. They don’t talk back to you, and they’re always happy to see you.” – Ingrid Pasternak, with Nestlé Waters, Greenwich resident

“A really good, deep massage.” – Mimi Vandeusen, retired, Westport resident

“My favorite treat is coffee ice cream. It probably goes back to when I was a girl. I liked coffee, but I couldn’t have it. So my grandparents gave me coffee ice cream.” – Cathy Wilkins, New Rochelle resident

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