What about (the) bob?

I think to create beauty there must be love for what you do.

Bill Blass shared, as I was cutting his hair in preparation for a fall runway show, that “A beautiful environment is essential for creativity.” We had 21 models to prepare for the show (including the divas, Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington and Naomi Campbell) and 2 ½ hours in which to do it. Needless to say, the pressure was intense. Yet out of the chaos, there was beauty unfolding all around us.

In fashion, change is the only constant. Presently, waistlines are rising and in beauty, hair length is following suit. Ashleigh Singer, my model for this issue, asked for exactly that and, so, we took her long hair to a bob just below her chin. She said that a fresh new style has the power to make her feel like a new person and she liked the idea of not having long hair sit on her neck, especially on a hot summer day. Ashleigh is always stylish and on-trend and I suspect that seeing the bob featured so prominently in the media also influenced her decision.

We planned for her makeover to take place at the Warren Tricomi Salon in Greenwich. After the valet parked her car, we walked into the salon together. The salon is a gorgeous, open space awash with natural light. It was the perfect setting for a makeover. And, as I was returning to work there after a few years’ absence, it was a wonderful homecoming for me as well.

We headed straight for the color department as Ashleigh’s highlights needed to be refreshed. I was greeted there by old friends, real pros, and all the best products to use. I felt at home like I never left town. I refreshed her highlights with Balayage. A glaze after highlights is important to restore some pigment and smooth your hair. My choice is Dia Lights Richesse by L’Oréal for a deep shine, vibrant tone and smooth finish.

In the styling area, I was struck by the intensity of the talent in the room. Everyone had focus and a great attention to detail. There it was on full display — love and beauty. Blass had it right.

Ashleigh’s haircut evolved with the proper balance and proportion into the perfect bob. The line should flow unbroken from the back to the front. If the angle and lift in the back is too high, it can create what I call the “beagle ear” look — something you’d want to avoid at all costs. The graduation and line should have a symmetry in order to be elegant and sophisticated. For a short bob, the line should fall above or below the chin line to be most flattering. A longer bob with the proper balance should swing and have graceful movement.

When Ashleigh’s hair was finished, we went straight to the makeup department. Monica Robinson is a super talent. She created a look that was fresh and young and ready for the shoot.

Here are a few tips to keep your bob (or any summer haircut), looking healthy this season. Before diving into the pool, wet your hair with spring water. This will leave less room for chlorine to do its damage. While sunbathing at the beach, why not use the time to deep condition your hair? Warren Tricomi Hair Mask with Argan Oil is the perfect restorative treatment. Just shampoo it out once you get home.

As I’ve said before, hair can be your best accessory. Treat it with love and it will never leave you.

Visit Brian at Warren Tricomi Salon, 1 E. Putnam Ave., Greenwich. To book an appointment with him, call 212-262-8899.

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