What does New York City mean to you?

“New York City is the greatest city in the world. Anything and everything is right outside your door. All you have to do is go out and enjoy.”

Dr. David Bank

The Center for Dermatology in Mount Kisco, Mount Kisco resident


“It’s where I was born and raised. It was (is) the center of my universe, from Van Cortlandt Park (my backyard) to The Beacon Theatre, the 8th Street Playhouse (what a loss) to Morningside Heights. From __________ to __________:  You fill in the blanks. The best of art, culture, sport, entertainment. A broad range of ethnic, racial and socioeconomic diversity that enriches the lives of all who spend anytime anywhere in the five boroughs. And it boasts the absolute best-tasting tap water on the planet. I may be living and working in Connecticut, as I have for the past 20 years, but I am now and will forever be a ‘Noo Yawker.’”

Troy Ellen Dixon

Director, marketing and communications, Bruce Museum in Greenwich, Wilton resident


“New York City, formally New Amsterdam, offers so many historical landmarks, architecture from many different periods (first structure in 1652, the Wyckoff Farmhouse Museum), incessant cultural events, countless attractions, superlative entertainment and concerts, multiple major league sport venues, vast ethnic cuisines and vibrant night life until the wee hours of the morning. New York City is the melting pot of culture vultures, theater, arts, films, museums, comedy and music. What a metropolis to reside or vacation in.”

Adria Goldman Gross

CEO, MedWise Insurance Advocacy in Monroe, Monroe resident


“In 2010, I was awarded the Andrettesse Community Leadership Award for my volunteer work in the Italian-American community in New York. An important point that I wanted to make to the audience that evening was that I truly believe, ‘You are where you come from.’… I was born in a hospital in the Bronx, as were my two children, received my high school and college degrees in the Bronx. Over the years, Manhattan also contributed to enriching my life. In addition to beginning my professional career in Manhattan, I spend a lot of my time there with my family, attending and planning cultural events for my service as president for the National Organization of Italian American Women in New York. My personal and professional life takes me around the world, and I am ever so proud to respond when asked ‘Where were you born?’ with “I was born in the Bronx.’”

Kathleen L. Guglielmo

Owner, Ease Into Italy & Beyond; and director of business operations, Peter Gisolfi Associates L.L.P. in Hastings-on-Hudson, Irvington resident


“New York City is the hub that influences the world we live in. I worked there for 10 years and now say it will leave its mark on you and shape you in wonderful ways with its pace and vibrancy. It is the place where the best of the best come to achieve and innovate.”

Linda Kuppersmith

President, CMIT Solutions in Stamford, Stamford resident


“New York City means to me that I am suddenly living in 4-D. Everything is amplified and more intense and exciting – and delicious. I can eat in the dive-iest restaurant in the city and have a scrumptious meal. Somehow the food just tastes better. It means seeing more diversity and hearing more languages spoken than you ever knew existed. In Manhattan, it means seeing more thin and fit people than anywhere else. Somehow the obesity statistics don’t apply when it comes to Manhattan. Finally, it means being a part of an endless carnival of sights, sounds and images that never fail to entice.”

Wendy Marx

President, Marx Communications in Trumbull, Trumbull resident


“To me New York City means freedom – the freedom to walk anywhere I want, at any time of day and find hidden treasures. There’s always something new to discover on every street, in addition to visiting my old standbys such as my favorite coffee spot, bookstore, museum or shop. I love New York City and the way it makes me feel connected to the world.”

Christine Pasqueralle

Freelance writer; media co-chair, Junior League of Central Westchester, Hartsdale resident


“New York City to me means culture, energy and movement.”

– Babe Rizzuto

Owner, ROAM boutique, Greenwich, Purchase resident


“When I’m in New York City, I’m touched by the humanity, with all of its variety, beauty and foibles. You might walk past 100 people in a single block and every one of them has an amazing story. And, every one of them is dealing with the same things – the stresses of life, wanting the best for loved ones, dealing with worries and fears, and trying to enjoy life as much as possible.  It’s a nice way to remember that even in a big city like New York, we all have so much in common.  We’re all inextricably linked together.”

Chris Sabido

Co-founder, Emerge – Leadership Development, Tarrytown resident


“New York City is all about the hustle and bustle. Whether people are traveling for business or pleasure, the history, opportunity and energy of New York City is unparalleled. LSW has been lucky in that we have been a part of so many people’s travel experiences when it comes to this place. Seeing our clients eyes light up as they see the city is one of the best parts of our job.”

Melissa Thornton

CEO, LSW, Greenburg resident


“Mayor Giuliani’s and Bloomberg’s terms in office have created a wonderful city. Growing up in the ’70s, New York City was a dreadful place. Now, rundown buildings have been replaced by beautiful, sprawling parks. It is scenic, safe and a pleasure to visit. I love New York City.”

Rob Woodrow

Woodrow Jewelers in Rye, Rye resident

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