What is your secret passion?

“My secret passion has already become a reality… After being a stay-at-home mom for five years, I went to skin-care school and followed a longtime desire to become a licensed aesthetician and makeup artist. The core of my passion was to be a freelance makeup artist and have my work published around the world. Though I’ve had some major accomplishments since I started, I still long for the cover of a major fashion magazine and to work Fashion Week in New York City at least once in my life. I’ll keep manifesting and working hard until eventually these two desires become a reality as well.” – Kirsten Fredrickson

licensed aesthetician and makeup artist, Owner of MakeupByKirsten.com, Yorktown Heights resident

“My secret passion is cooking, and it’s all thanks to television, for a couple of reasons. In 2004, I started writing about TV as a critic, which meant spending many of my days at home. Since I was home all day, it was only fair that I take over the task of cooking dinner from my wife. I also became enamored of such TV shows – which I otherwise might never have watched  – as ‘Top Chef’ and ‘Hell’s Kitchen,’ which introduced me to concepts and foods I have never been curious about previously. Now I find myself giving The New York Times’ food section – as well as my wife’s subscription to Bon Appetit – a close read to find recipes that appeal to me. My biggest challenge was learning how to get all three elements of the meal – meat, starch, vegetable – to come out at the same time. At this point, I’ve built up a sturdy repertoire of dishes – and I make a mean pot roast.” –Marshall Fine

film critic, hollywoodandfine.com, Ossining resident

“I don’t have many ‘secret’ passions, but I have always had a passion for cooking, and more specifically, combining interesting flavors together. Experimenting in the kitchen has always been a creative outlet for me, and it led me to start my business, Suckerborne, a couple of years ago. I now channel that passion into making unique lollipop flavors. Combining bacon with maple syrup was one of the first lollipops I tried. It’s now a best-seller. Basil and lime has also been a hit. The list of ingredients to try together never ends!” – Megan Ferrell

founder/creative director, Suckerborne, a subsidiary of Communication Ink, Darien resident

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