What’s the one thing a woman ought to know about a man?

“Surprises once in a while go a long way. For example, women could pick up the check at dinner every once and awhile to surprise their guy. It’s a nice thing to do and the guy will appreciate that.”

Morgan Albdenour

Auditor, Westchester County, Somers resident


“When we ask you to leave us alone, we mean leave us alone. If a guy doesn’t call you, he doesn’t like you. Men aren’t very deep. Women should know when to stop talking. We’re different from women. Not to say all women are the same, but they should give enough space. Relationships are useless in the suffocating, jealous mode.”

John Dirusso

Account manager, HITLI in Queens, Hopewell resident


“Men need their space. It’s important because if a relationship gets suffocating, it causes a lot of unnecessary fights. When and if they have problems, it’s best to give time before discussing them. Sometimes you need time to think things over.”

Nick Gonzalez

Auditor, Westchester County, Yonkers resident


“We’re a lot simpler than most women think. We just try to make you girls happy.”

Justin Kaplan

Tattoo artist, Big Joe and Sons Tattoo in White Plains, White Plains resident


“One thing I know is men are worried about being liked in return.”

Joel Laitman

Attorney, Cowen Milestone in Manhattan, White Plains Resident


“We get over things easier. Once the fight is over with, we don’t like to drag things out. We like to move on, not prolong the argument. Maybe at first looks are the most important. But for a long-term relationship, I want someone to be with, someone with an outgoing personality, someone who is kind and caring.”

Mike Long

Lawyer’s assistant at the district attorney’s office in Westchester, Westchester resident


“When we’re out with guys, it’s guy time. Women need to respect that. Don’t call and text all the time.”

Mikkel Miller

Security, The Ritz Carlton, Westchester, White Plains Resident


“Women should know what their man’s aspirations are. They need to know where he’s going to be in 20 years.”

David O’Dell

Intern, Westchester County Government, White Plains resident


“Women need to know when to leave us alone when were watching TV. I like to be massaged. I’m a needy individual. When I say I’m going to do something, I’ll get it done. With that being said, I’ll do things for the woman if she earns it. If she treats the man well and respects the man, he’ll do things for her.”

Mark Prince

Operations manager, Tri-State High Rise Services in Poughkeepsie, Poughkeepsie resident


“I think the one thing a woman should know about her man is his handicap on the golf course.”

Rick Rakow

Rakow Commercial Realty Group in White Plains, Pleasantville resident


“Two words: net worth.”

Phil Reisman

Columnist, Yonkers resident


“Women should know that men aren’t always hard asses. They do have a sweet side. You just have to take the time to find it. Guys want to be loved as well as women do.”

Victor Sandoval

Server, Elements Food and Spirits in White Plains, Mount Kisco resident

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