What’s Trending helps you declutter with I Need My Space, then fills your house with new furnishings and linens by Verellen that you can vacuum with the Raycop GO.

Verellen comes to Eleish van Breems

Eleish van Breems Home wagmag.com/artful-living/in Westport has become the first free-standing retailer in Connecticut to carry Verellen, the Belgian-designed and American-conceived furniture line.

“Tom and Sabine Verellen’s special aesthetic and style instantly appealed to our Scandinavian design sensibilities,” EVB co-founder Edie van Breems said in a statement. “Verellen’s strict attention to detail and modern yet timeless designs have always spoken to us and exude a livable elegance that resonates with our mission at Eleish van Breems Studio.”

The new, 2,500-square-foot showroom, located in a historic building across from the Westport Metro-North station, contains more than 26 pieces of Verellen furniture, including sofas and chairs upholstered in beautiful Belgian linens, along with handcrafted walnut coffee and dining tables and chairs. The sleek, sustainable contemporary designs are balanced by the blend of lighting, rugs, Gustavian antiques and midcentury Scandinavian furniture that Eleish van Breems is known for.

“From floor models, stock items, made-to-order upholstery and case goods to custom projects, our confidence in their team is huge, and we look forward to walking hand in hand in the coming year,” Verellen said.

For more, visit evbantiques.com and verellen.biz.


Spacing out (in the best possible sense)

In a Marie Kondo world, Debbie Harwin is on point. Since 1997, she and her team at I Need My Space has been helping clients simplify their lives. They understand that a client’s decision to “get organized” is a personal one and may have taken years to make. Recognizing that clients entrust I Need My Space with the most intimate details of their lives, the team uses a firm, yet gentle, hands-on approach to guide clients through the organizing process. Its mission is to empower clients to liberate themselves from the burdens of clutter and the frustrations of being disorganized. 

For more, call 914-833-2626 or visit ineedmyspace.com.


A vacuum for those on the go

In “Apollo 13,” Kathleen Quinlan’s Marilyn Lovell tells her astronaut-husband Jim (Tom Hanks) “When you were on the far side (of the moon) on (Apollo) 8, I didn’t sleep at all. I just vacuumed over and over again.” For many of us, vacuuming is a soothing experience.

Whether you find it comforting or not, though, it’s become an even more necessary task in the age of Covid-19. But sometimes, you need a more portable model – particularly for the office or the car.

Enter the new Raycop GO, a cordless portable vacuum using the same UVC technology that hospitals do to eradicate 99.99% of viruses, bacteria and dust mites from fabrics and floors. It collects and traps fine dust, keeping those allergens out of the air in everything from rooms to recreational vehicles. And its entire filtration system, including the HEPA filter, is washable

“Raycop GO is the perfect vacuum for those eager to sanitize everything, including cell phones, hotel beds, pet areas, cars, toys and shared workspaces,” says Michael Lee, M.D., founder of Raycop North America. “Raycop has been creating and marketing allergen vacuums since 2005, and all Raycop products incorporate our signature safe UVC sanitization feature. Now more than ever, it’s vital to keep our travel and livings spaces healthy and safe.”

The vacuum retails for $149. For more, visit raycop.com.

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