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For stylish fashionistas — and fashionistos — on the go, it’s hard to beat Alviero Martini S.p.A.

The brand — founded 25 years ago in Milan, where it still maintains its almost 54,000-square-foot headquarters — is known for its high-end leather goods, footwear, soft accessories and clothing collections for men, women and children. But it is perhaps best-known for the handbags, wallets, cosmetic bags, key chains and now luggage in its Geo Collection. These tawny colored offerings mimic antique maps, and, like antique maps, they are just as whimsical. On one bag, America and Australia are two sides of the same coin. And on another, southern Africa lies perilously close to, um, Greenland.

Ah, well, geographical correctness pales in the face of aesthetics.

Among admirers of the handbags is Anne-Marie Carlson, chair of the Committee on Teaching About the United Nations and a Westchester resident.

“I was fascinated by the different maps on each one,” she says, “and collecting them became a kind of game.”

Her husband, Don, who shares her passion for travel, “knew I loved them, and he tried to find some, too.”

The couple “hit the jackpot,” in her words, when they traveled to Italy and discovered different Geo Collection items in different cities. (Milan and Rome are the flagships, with the Alviero Martini market also strong in the Middle and Far East.)

Others of us may not be readily able to tell Tasmania from Tanzania. But with a Geo piece by our side, we’ll always be able to locate style.

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