A final word

We at WAG never waste a thing. So we’d like to share a couple of WAGwits for our August “Power Play” issue that didn’t make the book due to the constraints of deadline. Keep in mind that our question was, “What activity are you dying to try?”

“I would say fly-fishing. Wherever you do it, it’s beautiful. It’s challenging in a serene way. And I would only catch and release.” – Laurie Thomas, executive coach, Mamaroneck resident

“Skydiving. I’ve flown planes but never jumped out of one  – and I’m afraid of heights. When I take off, my hands sweat, but I do it anyway.” – Joyce Vansczska, biller, Curry Acura, Carmel resident

Thanks for these, ladies, which prove the adage, Better late than never. – Georgette Gouveia

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