A good – and cool – night’s sleep

The Hush Iced from Hush Blankets is designed to offer you a restful, cool sleep – even in the summertime.

Earlier this year, WebMD reported that, “Weighted blankets, viewed as a fad just a few years ago, are now considered mainstream.”

WAG has been hearing about weighted blankets for a while now, a friend sharing that hers really helped improve her sleep.

The basic premise is that a weighted blanket (usually three to five times heavier than traditional bedding) provides a sense of security, allowing you to fall asleep faster, reduce anxiety and, simply, attain a deeper sleep.

Approached by Hush Blankets with the offer to try out its new Hush Iced style, a “cooling weighted blanket for summer,” – or to be enjoyed by “hot sleepers year-round” – WAG agreed.

First, we share a few “fun facts” provided by the company:

  • The Hush Iced was released on Kickstarter in May 2019 and raised more than $1 million in less than a month;
  • The cooling cover “is made from a proprietary blend of sweat-wicking bamboo and ultra-soft cotton.”
  • The inner weighted blanket is “comprised of a luxurious microfiber material, pocketing non-toxic glass sand which makes it heavy and balances the weight.”

So, a sample arrived, we lined up a reviewer (who had expressed interest in weighted blankets) and took it from there.

We checked in early in the review process to hear this:

“Might I just say that blanket is fantastic.”

And, she added, “It stayed cool. I didn’t overheat.”

She also noted it seemed to work best when she was laying on her back, though initially, it was hard to “maneuver.”

But after a few nights’ use, she summed it up by saying, “You can definitely feel the weight of it on you – not in an uncomfortable way.”

We checked back in one last time – after a few weeks of continued use – for final thoughts.

For a first experience with a weighted blanket, our reviewer said it was “a real success for sleeping purposes” – but added that it remains “a real chore” when making the bed.

Fair enough.

Hush Iced, available in various sizes and weights (the Hush site includes sections devoted to choosing the right weight, as well as one on use/care), starts at $199.

For more, visit hushblankets.com.

– Mary Shustack


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