A novel debut

This just in from the department of shameless self-promotion:  I’d like to call attention – humbly, I might add – to my novel “Water Music” (River Grove Books, $12.95, 216 pages), which will be released Jan. 14, just in time for the Olympics.

“Water Music” is the story of four gay athletes and how their shifting professional fortunes color their personal relationships with one another. It’s about how sports mirror politics, how the past bleeds into the present and how we learn to live with loss through love.

The novel is the first in a series called “The Games Men Play.” The second, “In This Place You Hold Me,” plumbs a quarterback’s search for identity – racial, sexual and familial – in the beautiful, brutal world of the NFL. The third, “Criterion,’’ will further explore how the past shapes the present as it considers a horse-breeding dynasty seen partly through the eyes of a Thoroughbred trying to win the Triple Crown.

“Water Music” is available at amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com. For more, including an excerpt from “In This Place You Hold Me” and the series’ companion cultural blog, visit my website, thegamesmenplay.com.



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