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Tockr’s line of aviation-inspired watches for men pays tribute to history, particularly the role of the C-47 paratrooper transport plane on D-Day.

Time is of the essence when it comes to traveling. Whether you’re running to catch a train, make your boarding call or transitioning to a new time zone, it’s important to have access to a clock at a moment’s notice.

While most of us have a smartphone in our pocket to check the time, many prefer the timeless statement that a quality watch makes. Sometimes, the hardware really is better than the digital clock on your phone screen as when you’re up in the air and have no access to your phone. 

Aviation has long made a mark on both men’s (and women’s) fashion, with bomber jackets and aviator sunglasses being a staple in many a closet. Now, that sporty, classic and yet functional style has influenced the wristwatch industry. Founded by Austin Ivey, a pilot and grandson of a World War II pilot, Tockr carries on that military legacy by crafting aviation-inspired watches designed for the modern lifestyle. Available in a variety of different styles, these Swiss-made timepieces make an ideal Father’s Day gift.

Taking cues from watches specifically designed for military pilots in the 1970s, the Tockr Air Defender chronograph has a sleek stainless-steel case and sapphire crystal watch face. With a 60-second, 30-minute and 12-hour counter, the watch can be worn with any of a number of bands, from calfskin leather to stainless steel. 

For the man fascinated by military history — or even a man who’s a veteran himself — the D-Day C-47 commemorative watch makes a meaningful gift, particularly as this year marks the 75th anniverary of the Allied invasion of Normandy during World War II. Made in collaboration with the Commemorative Air Force (CAF), these watches are designed to honor the brave airmen who gave their all and, for many, their lives on that June 6. The dials are made from material salvaged from the paratrooper transport planes that led troops to Normandy, the C-47 aircraft known as “That’s All, Brother.” A portion of the proceeds from the D-Day watches will help fund CAF’s mission of preserving the C-47 aircraft and educating future generations about its role in the war.

No two D-Day C-47 watches look alike, as each dial has unique characteristics and degrees of weathering to reflect the journey of the C-47 aircraft took during World War II. Featuring military browns and greens, the dials include the “Clean Cut” model, with light-to-medium weathering; the “Stamped” one, with medium weathering; and the “Hard Worn” model, with a heavily weathered and chipped dial and areas of exposed aluminum. 

The Tockr D-Day C-47 watch comes packaged in a keepsake wooden box with two straps — one of military-like canvas and a brown leather band.

Whether you’ve seen “Top Gun” a few too many times, are a World War II history buff or simply want a quality timepiece to wear on your wrist, Tockr watches are a perfect collector’s item honoring the men who fought for this country’s freedom.

They’re available at Neiman Marcus at the new Hudson Yards in Manhattan and on Tockr’s website.

For more, visit tockr.com. 

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