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Absolutely offers gluten-free snack alternatives that don’t sacrifice taste.

Looking for something new to replace your late-afternoon snack of chocolate or chips? Look no further than Absolutely Gluten-free.

According to the company, the number of Americans going gluten-free has tripled since 2009.

“More and more consumers are limiting gluten to improve their health as well as for weight loss,” says Charles Herzog, executive vice president of Absolutely Gluten-free. “That trend is increasingly reflected on grocery shelves and restaurant menus. But it’s no secret that people think ‘gluten-free’ has to be synonymous with ‘compromise.’”

WAG recently sampled some of the company’s offerings, which range from crackers to energy bars.

The company’s newest product is a 100-calorie TahiniBar, an energy bar made with natural sesame seeds. Perfect for a post-workout or late-afternoon snack, these grab-and-go bars are available in vanilla, cocoa and pistachio flavors.

Absolutely Gluten-free Flatbread is available in three varieties: original, everything and toasted onion. We were partial to the original style and enjoyed dipping them in a bowl of hummus for a late-night snack. The company notes these flatbreads are also great options for making pizzas or sandwiches, or to top with veggies or fruit. (A minor point: be sure to open carefully. We made the mistake of ripping open the plastic wrapper completely, which left the crackers stale by the following day.)

For those in search of a chewy snack, the company also offers Absolutely Gluten-free Raw Coconut Chews. Made with raw coconut, these treats are available in cocoa nibs with chocolate drizzle or cranberry with chocolate drizzle varieties.

The best thing about these snacks? They taste nearly identical to their gluten counterparts.

For more, visit absolutelygf.com.

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