An intoxicating new fragrance for fall

Valmont’s spicy new scent brings us back to Venice.

Valmont – the luxe Swiss-based skincare and fragrance company  – absolutely hits it out of the park with the latest fragrance chapter in its Storie Veneziane collection. Zafferano is a spicy floriental created by Valmont CEO, Sophie Guillon, as a tribute to Venice’s San Polo Marketplace, a key place in the spice trade where East met West.  The first merchants to arrive in Venice from the East were Muslims, who made the enveloping, joyful custom of a tea ceremony the centerpiece of the marketplace. 

Comprised of a surge of saffron – the elegant bigaradier flower that marks the fragrance’s floral heart and oud essence, the noble signature of oriental scents – Zafferano is a shared scent for both men and women that exudes a fiery spirit and joie de vivre. The golden bottle design of deep sienna Murano glass and a dark caramel leather cap contributes to a heady mix evoking the spice trade of the Old Silk Road and its generous traditions. 

“I wanted to celebrate this abundance of flavors, fragrances and sensations, presented in a spirit of goodwill and authentic fellowship,” Guillon said in a statement. “The sweetness of honey, black tea infused with cardamom, cinnamon and ginger, creamy milk…vibrant symbols of the Karak tea ceremony.”

Zafferano is a fragrance that will envelope you in warmth, like a cup of spicy hot tea on an autumn day.  

The fragrance retails for $540 and is available at

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