Are you asking the right nutrition questions?

WAG Wellness guru Giovanni Roselli is here to kick-start us into a new year, new you but sensibly and slowly.

What a wonderful thought it is that some of the best days of our lives
haven’t even happened yet 

– Anne Frank 

“Should I do keto?” 

“What do you think about a plant-based diet?”

“Do you think I should do intermittent fasting?” 

“I saw ‘Game Changers’ and am never going to eat meat again!”

“Carbs are bad, right?” 

“I thought the yolks in eggs have too much cholesterol?” 

One of the problems with the limitless amount of information and opinions going around the world today is that we get easily swayed.  In addition, with trends coming and going, we tend to lose patience and try to jump onto the next “thing.”  

Here’s a little insight as to the most commonly asked fitness and nutrition questions.  The answer is always, “It depends.” It depends on so many things. 

• Is your schedule conducive to it? 

• Is it something you are truly interested in? 

• Do you have the resources for it? 

• Do you have the finances for it? 

• Do you have social support around it? 

• Do you have the patience to try this? 

As I’ve said in past columns, the “best diet” is simply a nutrition plan that you can stick to consistently.   

Have an honest discussion with a seasoned health coach and come to an agreement on which habits would be the most beneficial to improving your health.  Focus on building habits instead of jumping from one diet to the next.  Then, begin to implement these habits into a daily, weekly and monthly routine slowly.  Some simple examples could be drinking more water or adding more vegetables to your daily intake.  Pick the lowest-hanging fruit (pun intended) and decide on a realistic habit that you can be successful with. 

A good health and wellness coach should be flexible enough to help guide you with your decisions as opposed to a “it’s my way or the highway” mentality.  Think about it: Who really wants to be forced to do something that he really doesn’t want to do? And how long does something like that really last? Probably about as long as most New Year’s resolutions.    

Will this be the year – or just another year?

Find someone to hold you accountable and motivate you to a new year and new you.  Don’t let this be another year of broken resolutions and disappointments. 

To get some of you started who may need a kick start, I will offer my online nutrition and fitness program absolutely free for the first two months of this year for the first five readers who respond to this article.  Simply email me at and I’ll be happy to get some momentum going for you! Happy New Year.   

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