Art with a growl

If you’re to the manor born – or just the manner born – grab the new McLaren Artura, the luxe company’s high-performance, hybrid supercar.

The fabric of life

ArtsWestchester is taking public art to new heights – literally.
In a collaboration with artist Amanda Browder, the top of the
9-story building that serves as the arts organization’s headquarters in downtown White Plains will be sheathed in a colorful canopy that will cascade along its sides.

Goin’ spacey

“Space Invasion,” presented by commercial real estate finance firm UC Funds, will be a summer-long public art exhibit along the streets and parks of Stamford’s downtown.

A brush with history

Ever try to put on an art show at a national historic landmark? No easy task. Just ask Susan Gilgore and Gail Ingis at the Lockwood-Mathews Mansion Museum in Norwalk.

The art of money

“Mediums of Exchange” – an exhibit at the Borough of Manhattan Community College and Lehman College – shows us the money.

Every picture tells a story, don’t it?

It’s hard to keep up in conversation with Nathan Lewis, painter and associate professor of art at Sacred Heart University. The slouchy sensibility of a skateboarder with black cap, black turtleneck-T and blue denim pants with red stitching belies what’s ticking in his skull. (Think Nietzsche, Trump, privileged white male, cellphone culture, literature, #MeToo movement, science, philosophy and, oh yes, narrative painting. And then he’s riffing on Ovid’s “Apollo and Daphne.”)

Show time

Never judge a gift by its size or the way it’s wrapped.  You just might be surprised as to what’s inside. And so it…

Curb appeal

Artist Wane One creates art on Mamaroneck Avenue – on as in on the actual street itself. It all had to do with helping ArtsWestchester mark 20 years in downtown White Plains.

Lasting portraits

“Money People Politics.” How apropos a title for a new photography book in this, the meanest and most absurd presidential election season. In this latest book…