June 2018

Inspired Journeys

Parallel lives


“The Promise and the Dream” – a new book by Connecticut-reared David Margolick – tells the story of two great men on parallel roads that intersected in tragedy.

Oceania’s world, your way


If you are thinking of dipping your toe into cruising waters for the first time or, even if you’re a seasoned cruiser, look perhaps to Oceania Cruises, a favorite among discerning and mature travelers.

A worldly approach


New York-based interior designer and author Markham Roberts participated in the Bruce Museum’s “Art of Design” panel in Greenwich. We caught up with him to hear more, particularly about his high-profile revamp of the late Oscar de la Renta’s Tortuga Bay Hotel.

The lure of the thunder dragon


Audrey Ronning Topping was 10 years old when she heard the song “Faraway Places” and knew it was beckoning her. Now, eight-decades later, those “faraway places” are wonderful memories. Among the most wonderful memories and strangest-sounding-name was that of Bhutan, Kingdom of The Thunder Dragon, so she had to go.

Show time


Never judge a gift by its size or the way it’s wrapped.  You just might be surprised as to what’s inside. And so it…