Backyard style from Harbour Outdoor

We’ve already passed the Fourth of July – but luckily, summer still promises many more weeks for spending time outdoors.

And if you’re like me, that outdoor time at home has put something into focus: What seemed like perfectly fine outdoor furniture at the start of the season could certainly use a little boost.

Maybe that’s why the latest designs from Harbour Outdoor, the Australian company that recently came to our attention, particularly caught my eye.

Since 1976, the Condos family has been crafting handmade furniture in its workshop in Sydney. Harbour Outdoors’ founding brothers and design directors Nicholas and Harrison Condos are now spotlighting their latest collections, which, we’re told, “take on very sculptural forms and showcase new designs reflecting a glamorous mix of materials to create a fresh, exciting look for the outdoor realm. The new collections integrate seamlessly with Harbour’s Core Collections representing the Condos brothers’ passion for design and the intricate details of metal work and craftsmanship… Harbour focuses on creating outdoor furniture of unique design, incredible durability and a deep sense of culture derived from the harsh climates that Australians call home.”

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– Mary Shustack

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