Beauty made in Italy

Prediction: WAG’s newest beauty find, Umbrian Truffle Shower Oil, will soon be on the lips (and skin) of discerning readers.

Handcrafted in Umbria by Skin & Co Roma, this luxe cleansing, nourishing, protecting oil transforms skin with a single use with a combination of botanical oils – sweet almond, grapeseed, sunflower and truffle extract – to restore the skin’s natural moisture balance. Use it in the shower for greatest effect as the oil-to-cleansing milk formula brings back softness and hydration to even the most damaged skin.  As you pop open the lid and slather it on, the intoxicating scent transports you to a sun-kissed terrace on the Cinque Terre. It’s like a spa in a bottle. 


For more on Umbrian Truffle Oil, available for $28, visit

 – Robin Costello

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