Bloomin’ Bloomie’s

Recently, we had a chance to discuss the upcoming “Bloomie’s in Bloom” fashion show over lunch at Bloomingdale’s White Plains. And what a lunch it was at La Provence restaurant, a regular haunt of ours where we have a round-table discussion with friends on Thursday nights and enjoy kibitzing with the waitresses.

For our fashionable lunch, La Provence restaurant manager Adrian Reyna offered us veggie lovers a host of salads to sample, each distinctly enticing. They included a Berry Fig Salad (sesame-encrusted salmon skewer, mixed greens, sliced figs, cranberries, caramelized walnuts and mixed berries with a balsamic dressing); La Provence Chopped Salad (marinated grilled shrimp, chopped greens, avocado, chopped eggs, diced tomato, cucumber, bacon, diced butternut squash and baked tricolor quinoa in a sherry vinaigrette; a Beet Salad (marinated grilled shrimp, baby arugula, roasted red and golden beets, Ricotta salata, candied walnuts, sliced tomatoes and grape sherry vinaigrette, drizzled with honey-beet reduction); and the Bistro Salad (pan-seared filet mignon cooked to your liking, mixed greens, hard boiled eggs, crispy fingerling potatoes,  red grapes, frizzled shallots and roasted tomatoes in a basil dressing).

The good food was a delightful companion to the “Bloomie’s in Bloom” fashion show discussion. Needless to say, we’re looking forward to the event at 1 p.m. March 17, St. Patrick’s Day, and its floral and tropical fashions as harbingers of spring….

And perhaps lunch afterward at La Provence?

To reserve a space for “Bloomie’s in Bloom,” email And for more on fashion at Bloomingdale’s White Plains, look for WAG’s March “Inspired by Design” issue.

Georgette Gouveia

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