Bringing home an exclusive Birkin

Who doesn’t love a beautiful Hermès heirloom-quality Birkin bag? It’s the world’s most coveted purse.

Who doesn’t love a beautiful Hermès heirloom-quality Birkin bag?  It’s the world’s most coveted purse.  Problem is it can be hard to find – which the author Michael Tonello hilariously described in his wonderful book, “Bringing Home The Birkin” (available on Amazon).  As of today, WAG readers are in luck.  The Privé Porter store (68 SE 6th St, Suite 128A, Miami, FL 3313) – which has grown to become the largest and most reliable source for brand new Hermès collectible handbags and accessories, all via its Instagram e-commerce — is giving our readers “first crack” at one sumptuous, brand new, never-used purse, for just one week, starting today, before it goes on sale to the general public.

The 35cm Hermès handbag features gold hardware and is made of porosus crocodile, considered to be the most valuable material used by Hermès to make Birkin bags. It is the most expensive and exclusive leather in the world. At Hermès, no bag of precious skins (alligator, crocodile, lizard, or ostrich) is made with more leather than one animal can produce. No scars, no damage, just a finely bred specimen to meet Hermès’ ultra-high standards.  You’ll look stunningly gorgeous carrying this VIP purse – whether in first class on your private jet – or just on your outings to the supermarket, where you will be a standout.

And all for just – yes, you’re reading this right — $78,000.

– Debbi K. Kickham


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