August 2014

Power play

Not for women only


The number of men taking Pilates classes is on the rise and with good reason. The perfect complement to cardiovascular and resistance training, Pilates…

Net appeal


Photographs courtesy of L’Etoile Sport Yesim Philip is no dilettante when it comes to tennis. The avid player – who also once played professional basketball…

Bagging it


What’s new at Neiman’s? Givenchy handbags guaranteed to get you in the mood for fall. The colors are basic but yummy; the leather, luscious;…

A European sampler


Photographs by Bob Rozycki   Five countries in 12 days. Spain, France, Monaco, Italy and England. OK, Monaco is technically a principality. That was…

A Waccabuc winner


Photographs by Tim Lee   ROCK SHELTER AT A GLANCE • Waccabuc • 9,552 square feet • 4.03 acres • Bedrooms: 5 • Baths: 7…

Mind games


Bob Pargament is used to the mix of skepticism and misinformation. After all, his profession is not one most encounter every day. “People don’t…