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The new Summer 2019 collection from Chantecaille helps to protect the endangered Asian Elephant.

We introduced you to Chantecaille, the luxurious French company producing a world of modern botanical skincare and cosmetics in April of last year.

We continue to admire the company’s deep passion for both the environment and animals and are delighted to hear of its new summer 2019 collection, inspired by India.

The vibrant flowers of India were Olivia Chantecaille’s inspiration for the new lip veils, real bronze and aqua blushes.

“I wanted to create a collection that celebrates the bold, playful and strong aspects of a woman through fun, wearable colors,” she says.

Yes, it’s all so exciting, but it also does good – like every other collection, the makeup serves a greater cause.

Chantecaille’s passion for animals in need helped it create the new lip veils, Frangipane which is a beautiful coral, Mandevilla, an admirable fuchsia, and Pink Lotus, a warm pink rose. Each color perfectly flatters your lips and it’s super lightweight which is perfect for those hot summer days.

The beauty brand has teamed up with Elephant Family which has a mission to save a forgotten species from extinction. The organization works to protect and reopen migratory paths of the gentle giants across the increasingly crowded spaces they once called home. Elephants have found their traditional migratory routes be blocked by roads, railways, cities and farms.

The veils will help fund the costs of warning systems created by Elephant Family that use text messages and alert lights to signal villagers in southern India that elephants are nearby. These alert messages have helped reduced human conflict with the elephants.

The aqua blushes, available in three colors, Gladiola, Marigold and Red Ginger, effortlessly can be applied, gliding onto your skin. The product has a cooling effect on the skin – no surprise as its made of 50% water.

And my favorite part – the bronzers, which are the best way to emulate a sun-kissed glow and enhance a tan. They are available in two colors, Sirena, a more golden bronze, and Goa, a deeper, cocoa bronze. Both colors equally glow, so choose your favorite one, add a little sweep of the high-tech gel powder bronzer where you wish and you’re all set.

For more, visit; to see how you can help the elephants, visit

– Olivia D’Amelio

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