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WAG contributor Dana Ramos launches “The Skin Regime”

Can simple products and routines at home fix the ravaged skin of Tanning Mom (the “tanorexic” woman accused of taking her little girl into a tanning booth)?

WAG contributor Dana Ramos, author of the new book “The Skin Regime: Boot Camp for Beautiful Skin,”  recently got Tanning Mom (Patricia Krentcil) to agree to a three-month routine to restore and repair her skin.  Everything will be documented online and in the media.

For scars and serious issues, dermatologist David Bank of Mount Kisco (see July 2011 WAG) will assist with in-office procedures.  Bank also wrote the foreword and provided technical advice for “The Skin Regime.”

“Dr. Bank feels it is important to educate people how to use products safely at home,” Ramos says.  “Too many people are acquiring harmful acids and injuring their skin.  This book carefully explains what and how to use some of the most advanced and effective products safely.”

Ramos says that not a single product peddled by the major beauty companies in department and drug stores can even come close to the methods and products discussed in her book.

“The beauty industry is so full of bull, it might as well be in the same category of products claiming a cream can enhance penis size or melt away fat,” she says.  “It’s really disgraceful.”

The first page of the book presents a “Challenge to the Beauty Industry.”  Below are some other excerpts:

What is “The Skin Regime?” 

“The Skin Regime: Boot Camp for Beautiful Skin” reveals simple truths and formulas that will get your skin into shape in just weeks—the way a fitness regime would get your body in shape if you worked out for several weeks.

Think of it as “boot camp for the skin.”

Why don’t most of the expensive and brand-name skin care products work as well as those described in “The Skin Regime”?

Simply because the brand-name companies cannot make their preparations strong enough if they are going to market to a wide consumer base.  If they did make them strong enough, they would have to write a whole book (like this one) explaining exactly how and why the products work and how to use them and what to expect.  That would be a marketing nightmare for these companies that are going after mass-market consumers!

This book will tell you exactly what to look for in your preparations and how to find the best preparations for the least price.  Sometimes, the best stuff at the best price comes right off the discount shelves of the drugstore or supermarket.  We’ll tell you everything you need to know.

What about the science behind “The Skin Regime”?

This is not a textbook on skin care.  You can get plenty of geek and techno info on a lot of websites, and there are some great books written by doctors, which go into all the medical terms like “dermis,” “epidermis” and “subcutaneous.” (Your eyes are already glazing, right?). The point of this book is to cut to the chase and give you basic cold, hard facts and info you need to get your skin looking terrific in a few weeks.  This is boot camp, baby.

“The Skin Regime: Boot Camp For Beautiful Skin” is available on for $9.95.  You can read the first 30 pages of the book free at  At least 5% of proceeds from book and T-shirt sales will be donated to organizations such as The Skin Cancer Foundation. There’s a book party with giveaways and special guests on Sept. 21 in Mount Kisco. For details, visit

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