‘Cool’ skincare tools, products for summer

In the pink with skincare tools and products

With summer set to sizzle, you can cool and firm your skin with these tools in trending pink: 

Ice Globes ($64.99)

Chill out with a facial massage with these ice globes for a relaxing experience not only to encourage better blood circulation and oxygenate the skin but to help minimize the appearance of pores and heal and renew skin.

Jade Roller + Gua Sha Set ($54.99)

This natural rose quartz crystal jade roller and gua sha tool set is designed to help your favorite skincare products penetrate the skin’s layers, firm the skin, stimulate circulation, support lymphatic drainage and promotes skin elasticity to help reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Mini Skincare Fridge ($89.99)

This mini skincare fridge is perfect for storing ice globes, jade rollers, gua shas, serums, moisturizers, face masks and more. But the fridge also comes with a warming option for items such as face towels.

While we’re on the subject of skincare, we’d like to give a shout-out to Maelove’s gentle new Sheer Silk Face Cleanser for Dry Skin ($19.95), which left our skin feeling supple.

And to Oxygenetix Foundation ($66), which comes in a variety of shades with yellow or blue bases depending on your skin’s undertones. (If your skin has warm undertones, go with a blue base. If it has cool undertones, go with a yellow.) Creamy, light and airy in whatever shade you choose, it gets the coverage job done. No wonder it’s a fave of Cindy Crawford, Kourtney Kardashian and Margot Robbie.

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