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WAG Wanderer Debbi K. Kickham is a queen of the high Cs – Cape Cod, Capri, Costa Rica and Crystal Cruises. In WAG’s June “Explorations” issue, she took a Crystal Cruise with husband, and writing partner, William D. Kickham. Here’s their report on their meet with the woman who has charted the cruise line to success:

Edie Rodriguez, the dynamic, ever-efficient, go-getting CEO and president of Crystal Cruises, is responsible for putting Crystal Cruises into the luxury stratosphere.

Now, you can enjoy not only Crystal ocean cruises but river cruises, yacht expeditions and Crystal Luxury Air private jet charters, as well as Crystal Air Cruises, which are two, three- and four-week journeys on a 777 that only holds 84 guests. What’s the future of luxury? Well, you’ll find it all at Crystal, and for Edie, that means that everything falls under the acronym of “ECO.” That stands for Exclusivity, Customization and Options. “Luxury is all about experiences curated in a special manner and having the time to enjoy them. Everything we do is built on that principle,” she says. Coming soon on a refurbished Crystal Serenity are more suites and a fully open-seating dining concept.

If you’re thinking about sailing with Crystal, now’s the time to book its extraordinary Northwest Passage trip in August for an extended cruise to destinations that include Anchorage, Greenland, New England and New York. Says Edie with a laugh, “I wish I had 32 days to do it myself – this trip is on my bucket list.”

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