‘Fall’ing for autumn’s trends

This season, designers take us back to the future (the 1980s and ’90s) – taking what we came to think of as questionable choices, making us realize why we made them in the first place and giving us a chance to do it right this time around.

The weather may still be warm, but brisk days are just around the corner. Before the cravings for pumpkin spice-flavored everything start to kick in, it’s time to retire our resort wear and refresh our wardrobes for the always-anticipated jacket and boot season.

A few key pieces may be all it takes to bring us into fall 2018 on trend. So, we’ve compiled a list of this season’s essentials and turned to our friends at Neiman Marcus Westchester for their take on what’s hot off the runway. 

Cue the music. (Maybe ’90’s rock band Weezer’s cover of “Africa” by Toto.)

“It’s kind of like a resurgence of the ’80s and ’90s,” says Hannie Sio-Stellakis, public relations manager for Neiman Marcus Westchester. Especially that punk rock look for women. 


“We feel strongly about a biker jacket on top of everything,” Sio-Stellakis says. 

Indeed, why not go leather all over, patent to matte, body to boot. An all-over look may be the biggest trend of the season. And not just with leather.

Leopard, zebra, tiger. Do animal prints head-to-toe. Layer them, mix them, match them. Pile it on. More is more. 

That includes the use of sequins. Disco divas can rock an all-over shimmering look from headbands to booties. And those who want to channel their inner diva can invest in a piece or two. “It’s not necessarily for night,” Sio-Stellakis says. “It’s daytime and it’s fabulous.”

And, if you want to double down on a trend, how about sequined animal prints?


OK, we’re New Yorkers so we have to start with black.  “The layering of textured black is still very relevant,” Sio-Stellakis says. A resounding “Phew!” can be heard around the Big Apple. The key here is layers and texture. Again, do it all over. But if you’re venturing out of your black comfort zone, maybe add a pop of peacock.

Teal and peacock hues are Neiman Marcus’s choice for the color of the season. The deep and dark, rich-hued blue-greens that fall under this seasons Pantone pick of Quetzal green are suggestive of stunning plumage.

“Magenta and mauve were seen quite a bit (on the runway),” Sio-Stellakis. “From our point of view (those colors) were important, but we leaned toward peacock. And the merchandise reflects that in our stores.”


While oversize hobo bags, structured jewel box silhouettes, furry purses, top-handle buckets and miniature necklace bags dominate the season, Neiman Marcus has also honed in on a recurring fashion.

“The shoulder bag is back,” Sio-Stellakis says. “And top-flapped handbags are big.”

For a backdrop or to accentuate your look “hosiery is big,” she adds. Vibrantly colored tights are like a canvas for your minis. And “you’ll see a lot of patterned hosiery,” Sio-Stellakis adds.

In terms of fall footwear, march through those dried-leaf piles in chunky, lace-up boots circa the era of Ross and Rachel. Or channel your inner cowgirl in a more tailored Western style boot with embellishments that range all the way from sequins to that other fall trend, crystals.

Crystal jewelry and belts in clear, color or jet black are ways to add shine to your look.


Oversize parkas or blazers are essential to perfect the art of layering this season. Belt them in order to drape your frame however it looks flattering.

On the other end, power tailoring for a structured garment will enhance definition for both casual moments as well as for work. Eat your heart out, Melanie Griffith.

Plaid is also big. And when it rains, you can still show off your look from under a see-through raincoat.


For men, fabrics that push the boundaries of blending performance and function with tailoring have been influenced by the ever-growing popularity of activewear.

Weighty sneakers with exaggerated soles that form a chunky silhouette dominate this season’s footgear. “From Gucci to Balenciaga, all the designers are doing them,” Sio-Stellakis says.

Color accents in camouflage and olive are married with utilitarian details like cargo pockets, while a touch of tartan is scattered throughout, especially in busy patchworks of fabric.


For a while, designers have been revisiting the era that made those of us who lived through it burn our photographs. But there was a sense of rebellion in our fashion choices then, with a touch of the futuristic — sentiments that are strongly of the now. This season, designers are solidly there — taking what we came to think of as questionable choices, making us realize why we made them in the first place and giving us a chance to do it right this time around.

For more visit, neimanmarcus.com.

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