Family matters: Eagles on the Hudson

Far from the madding crowd along the Hudson River and 80 feet up off the ground is prime real estate prized by a family of three.

They have no income and no visible worries.

They’re resourceful and live off the land.

They have a proud history that they’re unaware of.

They’re bald eagles – mom, dad and a down-covered newborn.

The new addition arrived with the start of spring.

Climb a steep hill along the Hudson and you could have gotten a bird’s eye view, providing you brought binoculars or a long lens for your camera.

I say “could have” because leafy branches have now pretty much obscured the view of the immense nest, which is about 10 feet wide.

It was spectacular to watch mom or dad stretch wings and fly down to the river only to return minutes later with a fish to feed the young one.

It was entertaining to see how junior attempted to flap his (or her) wings only to fall over sideways into the depths of the nest.

While Man and DDT almost did in the species, today there are more than 11,000 nesting pairs of eagles in mainland United States, based on the most recent figures from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. And according to the National Audubon Society, bald eagles are monogamous.

Best wishes.

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