Fido fashionistas

It’s a family affair. In 2016, sisters Alejandra and Pauline Martinez combined their love of animals with a flair for fine fashion and launched a new line of high-quality garments for dogs called Paco & Lucia. 

The full line of colorful shirts, coats and accessories for your favorite dog is known for its beautiful fabrics and exquisite workmanship. The textile designs were influenced by the sisters’ world travels, and the detailing is similar to what you’ll see in the clothing of their native Peru. 

Pauline’s artistic background and keen eye for style, paired with Alejandra’s business acumen and love for her local shelter pets, were the perfect formula for the success of Paco & Lucia. Although the sister’s talents differ, they both share a great passion for animals and a dedication to giving back. Their company donates a portion of all sales to shelter and rescue organizations to help care for homeless and mistreated animals.

Their creations are rich in color and details, buttery and luxurious to the touch. Each one is a piece of art made for the discerning pet owner who wants nothing but the best for his or her “fur baby.” The pieces make your pup as stylish as we all want ourselves to be. 

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