Foodies for Chappaqua

Join Chappaqua’s first Food Truck Night on Tuesday, Oct. 20, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at the lower lot of the Robert E. Bell Middle School on South Greeley Avenue. The event will feature a special limited, grab-‘n’-go menu from Bona Bona

Ice Cream, Walter’s Hot Dogs and Westchester Burger. These Westchester eateries will come together to serve up selections that include seasonal twists on hot dogs and hamburgers, as well as ice cream floats, all in a good cause.

A quarter of the proceeds will go to the Chappaqua School Foundation (CSF), the evening’s organizer, whose mission is to fund innovation throughout the district’s classrooms. Recent examples include the Digital Learning Initiative, placing iPads in the hands of all third and fourth graders, the “All Night in a Day” grant, which provided copies of the book “Night” by Holocaust witness Elie Wiesel to all 10th graders, and the elementary classroom library diversification project.

You can reserve your grab-‘n’-go time slot here, and don’t forget your mask.

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edited by Georgette Gouveia


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