‘Fore’ward thinking on golf, education in Ridgefield

Time was when golf was associated with relaxation, and fall for junior golfers usually meant schools with golf programs. Now, however, the coronavirus has made everything fraught.

Enter Roger Knick, founder of The Golf Performance Center, the Junior Golf Hub and Ethan Allen Prep, all in Ridgefield.

The Golf Performance Center is a training academy for everyone from kindergartners just learning the game to senior citizens looking to improve theirs. The center reports an uptick in interest for a gap year from student-athletes, because fall sports (and perhaps the entire year) are increasingly being canceled.

The Junior Golf Hub nevertheless provides a digital resource for young golfers to connect with college golf programs, while coaches are restricted from traveling to watch high school golfers play. Meanwhile, Ethan Allen Prep incorporates golf into an individualized curriculum.  According to its website, “EAP is fortunate to be able to offer a small learning environment on a safe campus that allows for students to keep their distance yet engage in an individualized curriculum that maximizes their learning journey.”

For more, visit thegolfperformancecenter.com. And for more on sports, check out WAG’s “Visionary Re-creations” issue. 

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