Gallery 66… on the road

It was with a bit of sadness – having followed the creative efforts of Barbara Galazzo for years – that we reported the September show at Gallery 66 NY in Cold Spring was to be the last in that Main Street space for Galazzo, its director and curator.

Galazzo told us, though, that she was looking forward to her “next adventure.”

While Galazzo continues to work with and promote the happenings at Rockland Center for the Arts, she’s also about to unveil a new show.

Galazzo tells us she is curating, “as Gallery 66,” a show set to open soon at Hudson Beach Glass in Beacon: “It should be a fun show. The artist, George B. Davison from Patterson, makes ceramic totem-like figures that have an ancient and mystical quality to them.”

Here’s a bit more about the show, from the advance materials:

“What is it that we hold dear to us? A nostalgic heirloom or perhaps a cherished memory of our first kiss, our first bike or precious pet. The ability to hold something close to our hearts may be a protective response, like keeping a secret, or a cherished object hidden away. It may be a reluctance to share or a memory too painful to relive. In this exhibit Davison explores the figurative body and its language of embracing, not each other, but ideas and memories of people from all ‘Walks of Life.’ The figurative sculptures are represented by monks, goddesses, fisherman, captains and warriors.

“Reliving, rewinding, and dreaming are all ways in which the human mind and heart deal with precious memories. In the exhibit ‘Walks of Life’ Davison explores the body language of embracing the past, present and future. He employs the use of iconic, historic and symbolic imagery to set the stage for ancient figures, vignettes and installations. These pieces have a spiritual quality to them with a familiarity that draws one in for a closer examination.”

“Walks of Life” will open March 10, with a reception set from 6 to 9 that evening and continue through April 7.

Hudson Beach Glass is at 162 Main St.

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– Mary Shustack

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