Gently down the stream(ing)

One of the biggest trends at the moment is streaming. Many of the top cultural institutions are doing it, as a public service and a way to fundraise because, let’s face it, the need is great.

Ken Burns has been raising everyone’s spirits with his inspiring historical documentaries. Now streaming on PBS.

is his “Jackie Robinson,” about the legendary Brooklyn Dodgers second baseman, who broke Major League Baseball’s color barrier in 1947. The onetime Stamford resident endured horrific abuse and death threats on and off the field but kept striving with grace. You have to think that if he could do that, then we, too, can struggle on with our challenges and triumph as well. It’s the beauty of history: It gives you context, encouragement, knowledge, comfort and hope.

For another kind of transcendence, The Metropolitan Opera is streaming some of its greatest simulcasts. The past week alone saw everything from the sexy Rossini farce “Le Comte d’Ory” to the company’s take on Puccini’s “Madama Butterfly,” which incorporates eliminates of Japanese theater.

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