Get off the treadmill already!

Remember when treadmills were the latest big thing? Then the leap in technology that was the elliptical?! (Stop the presses.) Today – thank goodness – workouts take more forms than ever and without all the machinery and  monotony. Have you tried an Aqua Zumba class? Take the latin flavor from the studio to the swimming pool in this perfect workout for the sizzling summer months, and be prepared to look even more the Zumba part when Speedo releases their new exclusive line of Aqua Zumba swimwear in early 2014. Visit to find local “pool party” spots, and read more about the new Aqua Zumba and Speedo fashion deal in our August WAG “S’Wellness” issue.

The barre method, always seeming at the peak of popularity, is another big winner with the non-treadmill crowd that claims to tone, tighten and elongate muscles particularly in those famous trouble areas. (Tushie or triceps lift, anyone?) To that end, try Cindy Sites’ classes at one of her Go Figure Barre Studios which WAG covered back in February that taps into technique used in classical dance and ballet.

Ballet, of course, offers more than just health benefits. Check out our August issue  also for our salute to extraordinary local doctors that features a former ballet dancer and Broadway performer who tells us how the rigors of dance training helped prepare him for life as an orthopedic trauma surgeon. And don’t miss another physician profiled, a world-class rower and veritable Wonder Woman in her field of sports medicine, who trained at the New York Athletic Club’s Pelham boathouse and won a trifecta of national gold.

Rowing, now there’s another heart-rate booster that beats a stuffy gym. So get out there, get healthy, get un-bored, and get “S’Wellness.”

– Andrea Kennedy

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