Get set to float like a butterfly…

And sting like a bee as Bloomingdale’s White Plains teams with Everlast Saturday, Oct. 20, for a morning boxing class. Your $10 reservation fee will benefit The Carey Foundation and the Marisa Acocella Foundation. The doors open at 8:30 a.m., with the class at 9 a.m. at ?

After last Saturday’s workout with Orangetheory Fitness, we’re up for anything. For the uninitiated, Orangetheory offers a series of circuit training exercises in Endurance, Strength or Power throughout WAG country. Our Power hour featured a rotation of timed lunges, squats, pushups, jumping jacks, planks, sideplanks, leg lifts and crunches, with welcome 30-second intervals of rest. And we did the rotation twice.

I’ll admit:  We cheated, doing what we could, particularly to protect our Rafael Nadal knees. (Would that the rest of Rafa came with them.)

But we never stopped moving – and nothing should you.

Join us this Saturday as we channel our inner Muhammad Ali.

Visit to reserve your spot.

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