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Himalayan Salt Shots. Photograph by Bob Rozycki.

OK, for you tequila shot-drinking aficionados who like to lick the salt between thumb and forefinger before downing the agave and biting the lime wedge, this product is going to throw you – Himalayan Salt Shots. They’re shot glasses carved from pink rock salt mined in the Himalayas.

Pour the tequila in the glass. Lick the glass. Drink the tequila and bite the lime. Lick the glass again if you want. It’s an odd sensation to lick a glass and register a flavor on your tongue.

The glasses come from Root 7 in London. The family owned business came about when “we bonded over a drink in 2011,” according to its website. “We design products that aim to improve how a drink is stored, served, mixed and consumed.”

The company says its products should look “super cool,” and that is exactly what the Himalayan Salt Shots do.

A four pack of the glasses come on an acacia wood serving board. Also cool. The glasses are easy to clean, since salt is antibacterial all you have to do is rinse in running water and pat dry.

According to a July 17 post on the Root7 website, the glasses have a shot at winning The Housewares Awards in October in the Top of the Table segment. Root7 is a finalist with five others in the category.

To that we raise a salty glass and bid them all the best.

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