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When the heat’s on, Hardvark’s Everyday Shirt helps you keep your cool. Courtesy Hardvark.
What man or woman doesn't want to look great – and feel comfortable – when traveling?

What man or woman doesn’t want to look great — and feel comfortable — when traveling? Hardvark’s Everyday Shirt for men and True Gault’s sexy, comfy heels achieve what seems like a contradiction in terms.

Tested in Death Valley, the hottest place on Earth, Hardvark’s Everyday Shirt for men is made of an ultra-breathable, lightweight, Merino wool fabric that regulates a man’s body temperature. It shields him from the heat in summer and in any warm-weather climate. 

“It keeps you cool even when it’s hot,” says J.J. Symons, founder and creative director of Hardvark.

The name is inspired by the African mammal — the aardvark — which thrives in every climate.  “They have a thick skin that protects them from the elements….It’s clothing that’s as versatile as you are.  It transitions from work to play, week to weekend and indoor to outdoor.”

More than 18 months in development, the Everyday Shirt ($165) is also crease-resistant and antibacterial. It can be worn in extreme conditions, for days on end, and stays crisp, clean and odor-free. Customers include James Bond — or at least two of his incarnations, Daniel Craig and Pierce Brosnan.

“It has technical benefits but does not look technical,” he adds. The company’s bestseller is its flagship product — the Voyager shirt ($175). Its heavier weight makes it “a warmer product to wear most of the year.”

Prototype plans for women’s shirts are in the works for 2019. Stay tuned.

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True Gault reigns in Spain

Wouldn’t you love to run through an airport in high heels, or at the very least, wear sexy, comfortable shoes as you survive the torment of the TSA?

Sandra Gault knows all about it.  She’s a self-proclaimed “geek in high heels,” and she just knew that there had to be a better way for women to purchase footwear. In her experience, she typically found the right color but the wrong style, or discovered the perfect heel height but a bad hue.

So she set out to create custom-made women’s shoes — True Gault — which are perfectly fitted to every woman’s foot.  She claims to make them better than anyone else, and in Spain, no less. At the moment two- and four-inch heels are available, but flats will debut soon.

“We guarantee fit, deliver in under three weeks, and we don’t do shoe sizes. You get your own fit and ID number.  And if it doesn’t fit, we will remake it for you until you’re happy,” she says.

“We scanned 2,000 women — and none of them have the same size feet.  There’s no such thing as a perfect size 7.  Personally, my right foot is shorter and wider than my left foot.”

True Gault features a proprietary 3-D technology and scanning system that enables the customer to scan each of her feet from the comfort of her home, using an app. She generates a 3-D model by taking three simple photos. She then shops the True Gault app for the style and leather of her choice. 

True Gault was chosen as one of eight start-up brands inducted into Google’s Accelerated Growth program (which launched Casper, the mattress company, and Warby Parker, an eyeglass company). Supermodels like Niki Taylor have been seen rocking its shoes, and True Gault just announced funding from famed venture capitalist Tim Draper.

“We are known as the Warby Parker of high heels, as we change the way women select, buy and wear shoes,” Gault adds.

For travelers, the  $250 BethAnne peep toe lets you run in high heels. Then there’s the $350 Robin boot in crocodile and snake patterns, in 20 styles and 40 leathers. The Nasrin bootie with a peep toe is great for shorts, dresses and jeans. 

“These are excellent for travel. They let you run through the airport and your foot won’t be constrained and subsequently swell. They are also super easy to get on and off in TSA,” Gault says, adding with a laugh, “I can’t get back into my Jimmy Choos. They’re too uncomfortable.

“I travel wearing skinny jeans, a crisp white shirt with French cuffs, a long necklace plus my Robin boots,” she adds. “I feel comfortable — yet sexy — and I can’t tell you how many people compliment me on my shoes.”

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