Go fish on Easter April Fool’s Day

The number one holiday for chocolate isn’t Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day but Easter. And our friends at La Maison du Chocolate, including the ever-creative chef Nicolas Cloiseau, are celebrating with Easter fish.

Yes, that’s right – Easter fish. It makes perfect sense when you think about it. La Maison wanted to have a little fun with the fact that this year Easter falls on April 1, or April Fool’s Day. (Those of us of a certain vintage will remember an Easter April Fool’s when it snowed. Fortunately, the snow was gone by afternoon.)

On a serious note, the fish was an early symbol of Jesus, whose Resurrection Christians commemorate on Easter. So it all ties in.

La Maison’s Easter Fish Collection ($39) features four praline recipes:

  • Goldfish – ivory chocolate, dark almond/hazelnut praline with slivers of caramelized biscuits;
  • Clownfish – ivory chocolate, milk praline with almonds;
  • Catfish – milk chocolate, milk chocolate almond praline with grated, roasted and caramelized coconut;
  • Sawfish – dark chocolate, milk chocolate almond praline;
  • Fish stick – milk chocolate, hazelnut praline with slivers of crispy crepes. 

Don’t worry, purists. La Maison still has the traditional chocolate Easter bunnies “hopping down the bunny trail” with their chocolate eggs.

All are available in the boutiques and online now at http://www.lamaisonduchocolat.us/en_us/easter


– Georgette Gouveia

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