Growing older – and wiser

Here are three life lessons WAG Wellness columnist Giovanni Roselli has learned from a wide range of clientele, including successful business executives, working parents and professional athletes.

“The man who views the world at 50 the same as he did at 20 has wasted 30 years of his life.” – Muhammed Ali

As much as I’ve taught clients over the years regarding health and wellness, I’ve learned just as much from them in other aspects of life.  While working with many clients 65 years and older, and some well into their 80s, I have had quite the interesting conversations to say the least.  These conversations put many things in a certain perspective for me, and this dialogue makes me realize how precious time is and what is truly important.  

There are lessons I take from each and every client I work with.  Here are three life lessons I’ve learned from a wide range of clientele, including successful business executives, working parents and professional athletes.  

1. Know your history 

It is amazing to me how some of my clients have the innate ability to give a full, detailed history of specific colleagues, events and their given profession.  

How well do you know the history of your business or industry? Those who have a rich appreciation, understanding and knowledge of their businesses show their love and passion for them.  This inevitably assists them in their endeavors. As the old expression goes, the goal is to “love what you do.” 

2. Keep your eye on the prize 

How many of us really and truly dedicate the time and energy to discover what it takes to become one of the best? How many people out there have laser focus and unwavering drive? How many of us put it out there and say: “I’m going to be the next ____”? 

I think one of the most respectful ways to honor our parents is to grow up and live a life of happiness, having a reputation to be proud of.  However, no matter the age, a parent’s job is never over as many clients have reminded me over the years.  

3. Be business-savvy

No matter what line of work you are in you need to have some level of professional acumen and competence.  Know: 

• Your rights;

• Who can help you when needed; 

• How not to get taken advantage of; 

• When to speak up for yourself; and

• How to put yourself in the best situation possible. 

This way, you can take care of yourself and your family the best way possible.  

How many of us really know our industry? If you’re part of a union, do you know all of your rights (and perks)? Do you use them to their fullest extent? If you’re a business owner, have you studied the laws and bylaws that can potentially help you (especially in recent times)? 

How many of us have been guilty in the past of having said something along these lines: 

• “I didn’t know I could do that”;

• “I had no idea that the contract has that clause in it”;

• “Why didn’t anyone tell me that before?”  

• “I really should have said something.”     

Remember:  Movement Is medicine 

As readers of this column know, I’m someone who is very much into quotes. I often “have a quote for that” when a client brings up some type of situation, event, etc.  One quote that many have really taken a liking to is, “You may have to get old, but you don’t have to feel old.”  I’m happy to know that I have a small part in helping my clients age gracefully into their golden years.  

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