Have spa, will travel

Spa Party Sisters brings the recreation and relaxation to you.

Relax. You deserve it. Pick up the phone and order in. 

“I am mobile,” says Marcella Chilelli-Lombardo, owner of Spa Party Sisters, the mobile party service based in Harrison that pampers people throughout Westchester and into Connecticut, Manhattan, New Jersey and Long Island. 

Chilelli-Lombardo will bring everything needed for a spa experience directly to you and any number of your oh-so-deserving friends. It’s arguably the ultimate in luxury and may even be better than pizza delivery night — healthier, too. 

As the number of people who consider regular spa treatments a necessary part of well-being increases, so do the ways in which they become easily accessible.

A calm mind and body can be fast-tracked by the luxurious setting Chilelli-Lombardo can create in an area designated by you in the comfort or your own home. She and her staff will arrive at your door armed with everything from tables, robes and soothing music to skincare, nail polish, glitter and glam. Groups are best. The core mission of Spa Party Sisters is in the name. The experience is meant to be a bonding one.

“When you go to a spa, you’re not together,” Chilelli-Lombardo laments. “I always wanted to do parties and there was never a place to go.” 

Chilelli-Lombardo has 35 years in the beauty industry, working as a licensed aesthetician and cosmetologist. She began her career in Greenwich with clients who sought privacy, convenience and a custom-designed experience.

The name Spa Party Sisters came to Chilelli-Lombardo as she was musing about her own three sisters and the way they often bond, thanks to their shared interest in the beauty business. “I thought ‘anybody can be your sister,’” she says. 

From there, things took off. “Word of mouth is what keeps my business going,” she says. “And business has been booming.”

But let’s be real: Anyone who provides their guests with a soft robe and a massage to put them in a state of bliss and bolsters that feeling by giving them freshly painted nails and glowing skin has most likely created sisters for life. 

Young girls can throw spa birthday parties and host sleepovers. “I just did one for the Girl Scouts,” Chilelli-Lombardo says. They can choose manicures and pedicures, learn hair-braiding techniques or even put on a fashion show using things like glitter, faux diamonds, boas, tiaras and magical wings. Often, she adds, girls just like to chat with their friends and relax with cucumbers on their eyes: “They learn how to unwind.”

Spa Party Sisters can handle both small and large groups. Chilelli-Lombardo says she once did a party for several dozen 6-year-olds. If that sounds like a disaster waiting to happen, she says that’s not the case in her line of work. 

Parents are often surprised that the kids are not frenetic. She is pleased to report that soft music and professional chairs have the same effect on kids as they do on the rest of us. “That’s the atmosphere I bring,” she says. “The girls are just so happy.” 

Teenagers can get makeup tutorials and learn skincare regimes to aid hormone-driven breakouts. Adults can host bridal parties or a girls’ night in. The possibilities seem endless.

Lately, Spa Party Sisters has been doing more corporate events. Chilelli-Lombardo says companies are beginning to realize that employees perform better when relaxed. “They can be more productive at work,” she says. Her chair massages do the trick and she can quickly transform any office or hotel space. 

She’s realizing there really are no limits to how much Spa Party Sisters can grow.

So, for now, Chilelli-Lombardo and her staff continue to zip all over the metro area, relaxing clenched shoulder muscles and making us all feel polished and beautiful. In fact, she’s traveling so much, she thinks there may be a pretty pink van in her future.

“I have,” she says, “big dreams.”

For more, visit spapartysisters.com.

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