Forget football. Tim Tebow’s presidential press conference was a clinic on how to lose and gain a job gracefully.

First, dress to impress. Tebow’s iconography was perfect – pale gray suit for spring, green tie complementing the Jets’ backdrop. A nay-saying male acquaintance grumbled that football fans don’t care about that. No, but the people who sign your paychecks do.

Second, leave graciously but definitely cut the ties. Tebow couldn’t have been more complimentary about the Denver Broncos, adding that he’ll always have great memories of his time with the team. But that’s the equivalent of Bogie telling Bergman in “Casablanca” that “We’ll always have Paris.” Once you start talking memories, you know you’ve moved on.

Third, nothing emphasizes individuality more than teamwork. The more Tebow talked about working with others, the more confident he appeared in himself. The more humility he displayed, the more commanding he seemed. That’s not just Leadership 101, that’s Jesus 101. And speaking of Jesus:

Fourth, answer the question you want when you get the one you don’t. Asked what he specifically believed and how it related to politics today, Tebow kept his response about his commitment to Jesus through good works direct but brief and never let it veer down the political path.

Finally, understand that real power comes from a certain detachment. Whatever his ultimate career ambitions, Tebow made it clear that he was at peace with critics, bosses, teammates and former colleagues alike, demonstrating one of the central tenets of all religions: He who desires the least stands to gain the most.

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