Hello Kitty’s painted claws

Like Barbie, Hello Kitty is a girl’s – and, let’s face it, a woman’s – dream come true. First, she seems to have an inexhaustible supply of clothes and accessories and an inordinate amount of leisure time in which she can parade them, even though she’s a devoted student much like Barbie is a devoted astronaut, brain surgeon and American president. Second, like Barbie, Hello Kitty has an adoring boyfriend who makes absolutely no demands on her – Dear Daniel, whose hobbies are taking animal photographs (he lived in Africa before reconnecting with fellow Londoner Kitty) and making beaded necklaces.

What could be more enchanting? No wonder Hello Kitty is a $5 billion-a-year industry of key chains, boom boxes, alarm clocks, journals, handbags, ski caps – the list is endless.

Now Kitty White, as she is officially known, is adding nail polish to her repertoire with 12 shades by OPI in an assortment of cremes, jellies, crellies, shimmers, glitters and stuff we didn’t even know existed. They include “Look at My Bow!” (pale pink), “Never Have Too Mani Friends!” (black cherry) and “Starry-eyed for Dear Daniel” (pearly fuchsia). Our beloved Waggers went wild for them.

They’re sold in Walmart, Macy’s and a variety of places online.

Just one question remains: Will Kitty be sharing them with twin sister Mimmy? As if you had to ask.

For more, click on to http://opi.com/color/collections/hello-kitty-opi#S43R5guQGLX5p7CB.97. – Georgette Gouveia

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