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Piret Aava, the self-styled Eyebrow Doctor, creates an eye-opening experience for those with thinning brows.

Meet Piret Aava, an A-lister’s answer to having the most beautiful brows ever. Piret, a native of Estonia, has offices in Manhattan and Port Chester and, with the touch of her magic microblading brush to your eyebrows, can take at least 10 years off of your face. She spent 40 minutes manicuring my thinning brows by applying specially formulated ink pigment in feathered strokes. She sculpted two perfect eye-opening arches on my forehead— and the thick, lush results were a gorgeous game-changer.

We asked her a few questions:

How many years have you been the Eyebrow Doctor?

“I’ve been doing permanent makeup for five years and brows for 15 years.”

Where did you get your start?

“I started off as a makeup artist and an eyebrow specialist at Warren Tricomi salon in New York, and in Greenwich. I was a makeup artist at Next Artist, an agency for makeup artists. I am also a licensed aesthetician on top of it all.”

What are some of your brow secrets?

“I analyze your face and sketch on the brow with a pencil to fit your face. I choose the pigment color according to your brow and hair color, and custom blend it to match. Then I proceed to add hair strokes on your brow, mimicking your natural brow hairs. I try to give the most natural look possible. My whole concept is less is more. You can always add more with a pencil. I don’t like overdone brows. I don’t follow brow trends because they change. I like to enhance natural beauty and not overdo it.”

How long does the microblading last?

“One to three years, depending on skin and lifestyle and products you use. Avoid anything that exfoliates your brows.”

Who are some of the celebrities you’ve worked on?

“Serena Williams, Debi Mazar, Malin Akerman, Veronica Webb.”

On the day that I visited you, Rachael Ray’s show was coming into your studio to tape a segment with you. How did that go?

“It went great. I did a brow makeover on someone who didn’t have any eyebrows at all. She loved the results. It really changed her face.”

It’s amazing to me how brows have come to the forefront of beauty.

“People finally realize how important brows are. They can change your entire appearance.”

Who does your brows?

“I get them done in California.”

How much does it cost someone to have her brows microbladed in Port Chester?

“$1,200. Monica is my employee who does the brows in Port Chester. I trained her and she’s been doing brows for about 15 years as well. We also do eyelash enhancement tattoo, which makes lashes appear thicker and lip blush, which is a sheer lip tattoo that is a sheer wash of color to make your lips appear more plump and youthful.”

The Eyebrow Doctor is at 181 Westchester Ave., Suite 305 E., Port Chester. For more, visit eyebrowdoctor.com. And for more on Debbi, visit debbikickham.com.

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