Hold the gluten

The most surprising thing about Novak Djokovic’s new wellness book, “Serve to Win” (Zinc Ink/Ballantine Books, $25, 161 pages) is just how straightforward it is. There are no photos beyond the one that graces the black-and-white cover design, no lengthy bio, no recitation of triumphs. Rather it is a passionate, well-written account of one man’s long and at times painful journey to wellness. This is no celebrity diet/fitness book. Djokovic walks the walk, having transformed the way he ate once he learned that he was allergic to gluten.

Nor is he some zealot admonishing you to do exactly as he says. Rather he acknowledges that what is right for him may not be right for you. Having said that, a lot of what he describes in the book – taking time to stretch properly, get seven hours of sleep and in general just thinking about how he’s living life – makes a lot of sense. He inspires you to want to if not reform your life then at least tweak it a bit.

And isn’t that what we want from a wellness book?

For more on Djokovic’s captivating path to wellness, check out WAG’s August “S’wellness” issue.

– Georgette Gouveia

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