Java lovers, rejoice

Wagging on…National Coffee Day

Today – Tuesday, Sept. 29 — is National Coffee Day, with International Coffee Day coming up on Thursday, Oct. 1.  If you love your caffè latte, espresso or just a cuppa black joe, this is your week to celebrate.

Not that coffee lovers need an excuse to enjoy their favorite brew, one with the people of 15th century Yemen, where coffee originated. In the United States, the bevy took off in 1773 with the Boston Tea Party, which resulted in heavily taxed, imported British tea being dumped in Boston Harbor – clearing the field for coffee to become more popular.

Even those who only occasional grab a cup of joe – named disparagingly for Joseph Daniels, secretary of the Navy under President Woodrow Wilson, who banned liquor on-board – will want to partake today, as there’s free Starbucks at participating Barnes & Noble stores, a free second cup at participating Dunkin’s, a free original glazed doughnut and coffee at Krispy Kreme and a chance for actual Joes to win prizes at But you must enter, proving your Joe-ness, today.

Come on, coffee lovers, get cracking.

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